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Unitronix (ECM Technology)

Experience the ultimate in energy saving technology with the Unitronix line of electronically commutated, unit bearing motors from Electric Motors and Specialties.  This line of high efficiency motors incorporates EM&S patented, permanent magnet, electronically commutated motor technology offering the ultimate in reducing energy costs.  These motors are dimensionally interchagable with comparable output shaded-pole and PSC unit bearing motors, but require a fraction of the electricity to operate.  The  Unitronix, ECM technology, fan motors are replacing evaporator motors in commercial refrigeration where the benefit is multiplied even further by reducing the BTUs in the refrigeration system.  Less heat introduced into the system from motor watts lost to heat allow the system to operate even more efficiently.  Besides lower operating costs, another advantage to these cooler running motors is that they allow the end user to meet increasingly stringent energy regulations.

When loaded properly, Unitronix motors maintain a constant speed and stable performance over a range of voltage and will even run the same speed at 60Hz amd 50Hz.  One model often times can replace more than one output of shaded-pole or PSC motors, thus reducing the number of part numbers necessary to inventory.

Operating speeds can be factory set or programmable from 1000 – 3000 rpm.  EM&S offers many options in its Unitronix motors such as water protection, variable speed and 2-speed capability, accepting various control inputs.

All of these features are available in the time proven ruggedness of the EM&S durable cast iron, unit bearing design for long motor life.

Available in two frame sizes, motors are rated from 6-watts to 75-watts output.  The direction of rotation is determined from the lead end.  Notify us for expert advice and application assistance in taking advantage of all these motors have to offer.

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