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Shaded Pole – B Frame

The SPFB fan motors are dimensionally the smallest in the Electric Motors and Specialties cast iron unit bearing motor line.  These 4-pole, shaded pole motors are available in rated outputs of 2, 5, 6, 9, 14, and 16 watts.  They are designed to be used with 6″ to 10″diameter fan blades.

The cast-iron unit bearing motor has a long, successful history.  It was initially created as a condenser fan motor when the first free standing household refrigerators came into general use.  It proved to be the only motor that would match the life of the compressor in these applications.  Through the years it has stood the test of time, and is still the motor design of choice for condenser applications, and other uses where dependability and quiet operation are required.  Unit bearing motors in these sizes have been the standard in commercial refrigeration applications such as display cases, vending equipment, refrigerated food cases, freezers and coolers.

Today’s EM&S designed SPFB motors still incorporate the cast-iron bearing construction because no other material has been found to match its overall ruggedness or the durability of the large bearing surface area.  The combination of cast iron bearing, the hardened steel shaft, and hydrodynamic thick film lubrication system is virtually an unbeatable choice for refrigeration condenser fan duty.

The SPFB is constructed in two models for motor mounting position; horizontal to shaft up, or for shaft down.  Rotatioin is determined from the lead end of the motor as in all EM&S motor types.

These totally enclosed motors are recognized by UL for adherence to domestic and Canadian safety standards, as well as some European agency approvals.

Nameplate ratings are 100, 115, 208, and 230 volts, and 50, 60 or 50/60 Hz single phase.

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