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Totally Enclosed Motors

The ESP-L style shaded pole fan motor line is a unique design that combines superior horsepower with cool operating temperatures in a small frame.   Electric Motors and Specialties strictly attends to quality, assuring high efficiency, exceptional motor life, and quiet operation.

ESP-L Cast-iron Unit Bearing fan motors (ESP shaded pole design) are available in five power outputs, rated at 15, 16, 20, 25, and 35 watts.  All motors are totally enclosed, UL and CSA recognized components and have the material and construction to qualify the motors for foreign agency approvals.

Nameplate ratings are 100, 115, 208, 230 and 460 volts; 50, 60, or 60/50 Hz single phase.  The direction of the rotation is determinded from the lead end. 

Optimum motor performance is realized when the motors are loaded to operate between 1550 and 1650 rpm using propeller fan blades ranging from 9″ to 11″ in diameter.

Built for service-free rigorous duty, ESP-L motors are often selected for refrigeration condenser and evaporator applications on supermarket refrigerated cases, commercial condensing units, carbonated beverage dispensing equipment, commercial ice machines, environmental test chambers, electric unit heaters, and ventilating equipment.  Regardless of power output, all ESP-L motor models are mechanically interchangeable and are capable of fitting on motor mounting brackets designed for the generic unit bearing shaded pole fan motor.

Interchangeability makes it convenient for the designer to try various horsepowers to obtain desired airflow without having to change prototype appliance hardware.

The ESP-L motors are built in the classic EM&S unit bearing design.  They have the hardened steel shaft, cast-iron bearing surface, massive oil supply and a pumping lubrication system minimizing bearing wear by eliminating metal to metal contact.

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