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Agitator Motors

The ESP-L (eccentric wound shaded pole) agitator motor is designed for the needs of the beverage dispensing industry.  The design came into being because experience demonstrated the common shaded pole design motor incapable of operating at acceptable winding temperatures in drink dispensing equipment.  The motors have to be totally enclosed for moisture protection, and have to operate in a no-air over ambient situation.  As a result, the heat depeated the oil in the the lubrication system in typical shaded pole motors.

The ESP unit bearing design is the answer.  Years of field experience confirms that in a given condition the ESP totally enclosed water agitator motor will create substantially less heat than its shaded pole counterpart.  Thereby, years of motor life have been added to the application of a properly applied motor.  (published application guidelines are readily available from Electric Motors and Specialties.)

Every EM&S agitator motor incorporates the classic unit bearing lubrication system invented by the founder of the company.  It is needed to successfully meet the challenge of the side-loading this application impresses upon the bearing surfaces.  The side-loading is the result of a propeller on the end of a long shaft rotating at approximately 1600 rpm under several inches of water.

A large oil supply circulated through the durable cast-iron bearing as the shaft rotates assures long bearing life.

Agitator motors are available with power output ratings from 15 to 25 watts.  All shafts are stainless steel, and the housings have a durable e-coat finish for good moisture protection.  The internally located lubrication system offers better protection from water intrusion than the typical system that has its bearings located at the housing ends.

Electric Motors and Specialties offers expert application assistance as a part of its customer service.  Ask your EM&S sales engineer for further details.

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