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PSC – B Frame

The EM&S 4-pole permanent split capacitor unit bearing fan motors offer up to 47% efficiency, a nominal 50% increase in efficiency over shaded pole motors of similar physical dimensions and power output.  When looking for some energy savings, these are a less expensive alternative to the ECM motors.  The S4B motors are available in outputs of 6, 9, 12, and 16 watts output, 115 volts.

Energy savings in electrical motors offer the advantage of lower operating temperatures.  Heat is the great threat to extended motor life, as it promotes the viscosity breakdown of the lubricants, and reduces the effective life of the electrical insulation system.  So not only are these motors less costly to operate, but they are resistant to thermal breakdown, thus extending their service life.

The other advantage to these more efficient motors is there is less lost energy available to be converted into noise.  The S4B motor is further quieted by its patented electrical “half-pitch” design that depresses the 120-cycle vibration inherent in shaded-pole designs. 

S4B motors are totally enclosed cast iron 4-pole fan motors. They are designed to be used with propeller fan blades from 6” to 10” diameter. Both the internal and external capacitor motor designs utilize the combination of a cast iron bearing, hardened steel shaft and hydrodynamic thick film lubrication system for unparalleled durability.

As with the other EM&S cast iron unit bearing motors, these PSC motors feature the durability of the unit bearing design with the cast iron bearing in combination with a hardened steel shaft, a massive oil supply, and a circulating lubrication system.

Unit Bearing Advantage