Fan Blades

Electric  Motors and Specialties offers a full line of single piece fan blades to be used with the unit bearing fan motors.  The offerings include aluminum and galvanized steel four and five petal designs in diameters of 6″ to 14″.  All are of a material thickness and mass to promote quiet and efficient operation and to minumize vibration.

Where practical, EM&S sales engineers recommend threaded shaft unit bearing mount fans because they save the cost of fan hubbing, guarantee positive fan position in the oriface, and they virtually eliminate any chance of the fan coming loose from the shaft.

Although most blade models are available with pitches as low as 10 degrees and limited to a high pitch of 37 degrees, it is important to know that it is normally advisable to match the motor power to the fan so that the optimum airflow is attained with 20 to 32 degree pitched fans.  Experience demonstates that this often delivers the most airflow with the least horsepower applied.

Electric Motors and Specialties is your best choice for motors, fans, and brackets.  With EM&S, you’ll receive all dimensional data, mechanical fit information, and performance data from a single source.


Mounting Brackets

Motor mounting brackets from Electric Motors and Specialties are designed to properly position and permanently secure motors turning propellor fans up to 14″ in diameter.  This line of “A” Profile mounting brackets gives the appliance designer the option tomselect any of 20 different center-line heights to satisfy his motor fan application situations.  “A” Profile brackets uniformly accommodate all EM&S unit bearing motors and any other USA manufacturer of “pad mount” unit bearing motors.