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About Us

MotorCelebrating 67 years in business, Electric Motors and Specialties has set the pace as a leader in manufacturing high quality unit bearing Fan Motors for a variety of commercial and residential refrigeration applications.

EM&S was founded by Wayne Morrill, who had designed the first unit bearing construction fan motors during his 20 year tenure at General Electric. The design was in response to the need for a fan motor that would last the life of hermetic compressors.

Wayne left his position at GE as chief design engineer of the fractional horsepower division to start his own company. At EM&S, Wayne designed and manufactured generators and motor / alternator products, including special generators for the Signal Corps under government contract.

As EM&S continued to grow, various electrical motor designs and configurations were added to the product line. Due to changing markets and expanded manufacturing capabilities, EM&S quickly entered into the fields of refrigeration and heating with an exclusively designed unit bearing motor. That motor remains the backbone of the business today.

Under the successful leadership of Judy Morrill since 1989, the company has continued to excel in all respects. New die cast equipment, a proactive quality department, new manufacturing processes, and the introduction of several new products are testimony to the successful transition from a rich past to a very progressive and promising future.

Recognizing that our customers are our most valuable asset, we at EM&S are committed to providing the most efficient unit bearing fan motors along with the best service and delivery in the industry.